Dot & Dash

Dot and Dash are coding robots that can be used by elementary and secondary learners.  The robots travel in centimeter increments and can make turns of various degrees.  Dot can be programmed to make sounds, change colors, and control the functions of Dash.  Dash moves and can be programmed to complete various tasks.

Wonder Workshop Website!

See what Alief ISD has done with their Wonder Workshop Robots!

Lesson and Resource Requests from Teacher Friends:

Getting Started with Teacher Buy-in Slides- Getting Started with Dash

3rd Grade Health- Health and Coding- Resource Doc

3rdGradeHealthUse butcher paper or a poster maker to create a mat.  Provide each student in the group with one or more “prompts.”  The goal is for them to program Dash to travel to the correct answer.  Bonus!  Have students program Dash to make a sound, movement, and/or light pattern when they have landed on the correct response.

Coming Soon!

  • Force and Motion
  • Organisms and Environment
  • Money
  • The World Around Us

Sample Lessons:

Introduction to the Robot: Dash (Small Group Activity)

Introduction to the Robot: Dash & Dot (Small Group Activity)

Measurement and Number Lines

Like my template? Here’s a copy!


Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 8.29.54 PM

Challenge Cards

Parts of Dot Guide

Parts of Dash Guide

Dash Plan – Rectangle

Syncing your Robot

Remote Control Robot Review Example

Sample Glossary

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