Early Elementary Robotics

Don’t be fooled into thinking that young students are unable to program because they are not yet able to read.  There are several directionally programable robot options available on the market.

Bee Bots

Bee Bots are directionally programable robots. There are seven simple commands that students can use to program the durable robots.  Programming the robots to move forward or backward for any distance reinforces students one-to-one correspondence.


The Bee Bots will only make right angle turns.  The turning capability of the robot as well as the forward and backward movements, reinforce an understanding of direction: left, right, forward, and backward or in front and behind.  Bee Bots are sold individually or in a hive of six.

IMG_3496A Bee Bot hive comes with a charging plate.  This allows for all at once charging from a single outlet.  The kit also comes with a Lesson Plan book and reproducible CD templates.

Visit Terrapin Tools for Thinking for more information and Bee Bot Accessories.