Kids Know Best: The Code Ninjas Franchise and Robolink

Remember Mackenzie? If you have been following the Instructicate website you’ve already been virtually introduced to her. As a reminder, Mackenzie is a spunky soon to be 6th grader; she regularly contributes to my growth as an educator by sharing her experiences with various products and programs I like to try before I buy. Code […]

Something New from Ozobot

The week after I attended the annual TCEA Convention & Exposition, I was contacted by my area Ozobot Account Executive, Diego Covarrubias. There were two things that came to mind. One, had I stopped by an Ozobot information booth in the exhibit hall? Two, we have a few Ozobot classroom kits and I’m not the […]

Episode 6 – Relationships, Activities, and Self-care

As Heard on the Podcast: CLI Engage – State early childhood “comprehensive, integrated resource suite.” Special Olympics Information- Volunteer Opportunity Coats for Kids- Volunteer Opportunity (Austin) Austin City Limits Music Festival- Two weekend musical showcase held in Austin, TX each year. The Great American Beer Festival- Need we say more?… Want to Learn More: The […]

Episode 4 – Prekindergarten & Human Development

As Heard on the Podcast: The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids-First Politics by David. L. Kirp The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the Developing Social Brain by Louis Cozolino Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines The Dirt – “Netflix Hairband Movie”