Kids Know Best: The Code Ninjas Franchise and Robolink

Remember Mackenzie? If you have been following the Instructicate website you’ve already been virtually introduced to her. As a reminder, Mackenzie is a spunky soon to be 6th grader; she regularly contributes to my growth as an educator by sharing her experiences with various products and programs I like to try before I buy. Code […]

Episode 6 – Relationships, Activities, and Self-care

As Heard on the Podcast: CLI Engage – State early childhood “comprehensive, integrated resource suite.” Special Olympics Information- Volunteer Opportunity Coats for Kids- Volunteer Opportunity (Austin) Austin City Limits Music Festival- Two weekend musical showcase held in Austin, TX each year. The Great American Beer Festival- Need we say more?… Want to Learn More: The […]

Episode 4 – Prekindergarten & Human Development

As Heard on the Podcast: The Sandbox Investment: The Preschool Movement and Kids-First Politics by David. L. Kirp The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the Developing Social Brain by Louis Cozolino Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines The Dirt – “Netflix Hairband Movie”

Episode 3 – Thematic Planning (maybe)

As Heard on the Podcast: Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines– Research based, developmentally appropriate, guidelines for prekindergarten in the state of Texas. Most state prekindergarten classrooms are half day, but some paid for and public programs are full day.