Concept Learning

I’m currently enrolled in a graduate level Instructional Technology course.  Courses within the Instructional Technology Education department have provided me with several opportunities to improve my craft as an educator and Instructional Technology Specialist (Simpson, Jackson, & Aycock, 2005).  Recently, I was tasked with a Concept Learning Project.  The assignment requires that I identify a learning concept, analyze the concept, and design instruction for the concept.

I selected the topic of Classroom Technology Integration as my main concept.  In the Prekindergarten through twelfth grade public education setting, Instructional Technology encompasses the use of technology-based tools to support student-centered instruction that fosters 21st century skills (Reiser & Dempsey, 2018).  Technology-based tools range from online resources, software, and related devices (Reiser & Dempsey, 2018).

A lot of educators overlook the fact the the state of Texas has Technology Application standards for teaching and learning (Texas Education Agency, 2018).  These standards correlate with the state’s long-range Technology Plan (Texas Education Agency, 2018).  The Texas Education Agency published the long-range Technology Plan in 2006; the plan is modeled after the nation-wide Technology Plan (Office or Educational Technology, 2018 & Texas Education Agency, 2018). 

Although the topic was easy for me to identify, it’s very relevant to my current position as an Instructional Technology Specialist, analyzing the concept and designing a plan for effective instruction was more difficult.  How can you assist teachers with their use of instructional technology resources in the classroom?  I’ve began the process with an analysis and am currently working on the instructional design phase of the project.  I had trouble writing a summary of the project.  At this time, I’m still discovering how the process will unfold, so a summary seems premature.

Check back soon; I’ll have a completed project plan to share.

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