It has been a wild couple of weeks…

Sarah has since changed her dramatic play learning space to a medical office. She also hosted an “ABC Extravaganza.” It was a creative way to work on letter symbol-sound correspondence. I’m going to work on an early elementary Core Content page. We have a lot to share.

Mackenzie and I facilitated an #EdTech professional learning opportunity for teachers in Alief ISD. She did an amazing job! Check out the Alief ISD page for more details. Mackenzie promised to show me how she created her YouTube videos. We’ll be sure to post a step-set on the site.

I had a session at the recent Texas Computer Education Association Convention. The topic of discussion was elementary core content technology integration. That’s a lot of words, I know. In my opinion, a lot of educators consider learning content in isolation at the disservice of the students. There are likely an equal number of educators who know that content area overlap works. All content areas, including technology and the arts, are part of our everyday lives.

Cross Curricular Connections Example

Side Note: I wore a “Math is Magical” t-shirt to work on Friday.

That same day, I noticed that I had mistakenly put a decimal in a number where a comma belonged. That was an expensive mistake, but a great learning opportunity.  🙂

Things I Need to Work On:

(1) Submit a proposal for TCEA Elementary conference, (2) Plan for and create Google resources, (3) Create an Early Elementary Core Content Page, (4) Work with Mackenzie to create a step-set for silent movies with text boxes and music overlays

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