Technology Exploration

As a teacher and a learner, I find that the most relied on version of technology used in any learning setting are the combination of an overhead document camera and computer.  Teachers rely on this set-up to present material to learners.  The overhead projector and document camera are amazing tools, but they are not interactive.  With knowledge of theories of learning and various forms of input that strengthen the possibility of long term memory retrieval, it’s important to provide learners with a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.

In my current position as a Technology Specialist I like to use Google Classroom and Edmodo to keep learners informed.  I also like to reference webpages with content available for user reference.  You will notice that Instructicate is beginning to be molded into a  reference site.  I plan on adding user content as I go along.  I’m beginning with information and lessons using the Dash and Dot robot pair, but I will be also adding Bee Bot robot lessons and activities as well as Educreations and Book Creator application lessons and activities.

Stay Tuned…

Morrison, G. R., Ross, S. M., Kalman, H. K., and Kemp, J. E. (2013). Designing effective instruction (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publications.

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