This semester I worked on two project plans that went far beyond what I might have detailed as a project plan at the start of my career as an Instructional Technology Specialist.  One of the main functions of my position is offering relevant professional development that can be used in the classroom setting the day after instruction.

I pride myself on presenting useful information in a constructive setting.  As a teacher I realized the power of using robotics to support core content instruction.  Students are immediately engaged when using robots and other forms of technology. They are fearless.  Finding ways to connect core content instruction came naturally but I needed the motivation to begin the process.  Project two involved me assisting early elementary teachers use robotics to support core content instruction. It begins with facilitating teacher comfort levels with the use of the available technology.  By demonstrating the connections that can be made with the use of robotics and other technology and sharing core content lessons and activities, the learning materials become more relatable to practicing teachers.

I was fortunate to take an Instructional Design Foundations course.  I work as an Instruction Technology Specialist for an Austin area school district and had previously taken a Foundations of Instructional Technology course, so the option seemed like the right choice.  I made the right decision. During my day-to-day tasks in the work setting, I am constantly reminded of tools and strategies I have learned in my Educational Design and Instruction Technology courses. Having spent several years enrolled in a STEM program, finding the right fit was a relief.  I have no negative comments or improvement to suggest about this course. The learning content was clear, the text was helpful, and feedback was offered in a timely manner.

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